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Macro photography lesson

Macro Photography is always fun. I love bringing the subject in focus to see the colors and details of the image. When photographing flowers, I incorporate background and foreground elements to draw my audience right to my subject. I approach a photo by first looking for the light and determining which angle would allow me to make the image stand out by providing even light and watching out for distractions. At this time, I'm also setting the appropriate White Balance, ISO, shutter and Depth of Field (DOF) to achieve my desired look. I try to make my images interesting by looking for foreground and background elements to give my depth to achieve that image a three dimensional look. I'm also looking at exposure to have proper balance between highlights and shadows. All images were taken with Canon 5DMarkIV and my 24-70mm trusted Canon L series lens. Please enjoy the images and like us on facebook to stay updated on future post. 

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